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Khatai is the quintessential desi biscuit; with a predominately melt-in-the-mouth texture, it is as addictive as the greatest addictions out there.
One of my fondest memories of the naan khatai is those of the evening tea at my home. I could easily devour half a dozen in one sitting, and coupled with a hot cup of tea, there truly was no better indulgence.

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Nuncaties: Rich cakes made by the Mahommedans in W. India, chiefly imported into Bombay from Surat. Needless to say, nuncatie is what the British called naan khatai, the literal meaning of the word comes from the Persian word naan meaning bread and the Afghan word khatai meaning biscuit; hence, bread biscuit.
Some sources say that khatai means six in Persian, referring to the six original ingredients used to make the naan khatai.


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